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Amadys announces construction start for exclusive fiber optic project

26 September 2023

Amadys announces construction start for exclusive fiber optic project

Rijkevorsel, Belgium – Sept. 26, 2023 – Today Amadys announces the construction start of a state-of-the-art assembly hall covering an impressive 12,000 square meters. This new production facility in Rijkevorsel will serve as the beating heart of an ambitious project that will improve the speed and reliability of broadband internet for millions of households in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and the United Kingdom.

Amadys will produce at least 1,000 concrete fiber optic houses annually in this modern production hall. These little houses, known as Point of Presences or PoPs, act as the crucial starting points for the Fiber to the Home network, bringing fiber directly into homes and commercial buildings. One PoP connects about 3,500 households to the network, meaning that thanks to this prestigious project, more than 3.5 million households enjoy the fastest available internet every year.

The facility in Rijkevorsel will be constructed mainly with a faster and more efficient production of the PoPs in mind. Furthermore, this exclusive project will function as a Research & Development center where various tests will be carried out, ranging from acoustic and electrical tests to thermal analyses, with the aim of achieving continuous optimization of the PoPs. In addition, the building features numerous ecological techniques, which will also significantly reduce emissions from the building and the production of the PoPs.

“The plans for the new production hall include many high-tech features to ensure a more efficient way of working and faster delivery to our customers. For example, this building has five loading ramps, which will allow us to move and finish the PoPs faster and more efficiently. Furthermore, the integrated research and development center will also undoubtedly benefit the processes and quality surrounding the PoPs,” said Philippe Wilderjans, Vice President Telecom Belgium at Amadys.

“We’re very happy to welcome companies such as Amadys in our small village,” adds Dorien Cuylaerts, Mayor of Rijkevorsel. “Given the welfare and job opportunities this new site will create for our community, we’re very proud to be able to contribute to the growth of this international company.”

The official opening of this state-of-the-art building is scheduled for May 2024. Amadys expects to create approximately 70 new technical jobs at this location, with the prospect of indirect employment opportunities thanks to the growing fiber deployment in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and the United Kingdom.