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complete fttx solutions

Food, water and… data. We can no longer imagine a world without connectivity. Calling, surfing and streaming at home or at the office. For the perfect delivery of these services to private and business customers, telecom operators and service providers need an impeccable infrastructure. Reliable networks that transport large amounts of data at unobstructed high speed. Connectivity at the speed of light.


From local exchange points to the front door.

Our networks connect people. And when it comes to bringing people together, nothing but the best will do. It’s why we believe in delivering the highest possible quality in all our work. From using the best components and materials to top-notch network design and engineering. It’s how we realise highly reliable networks that require little maintenance. The evidence: our 25-year system warranty.

the most reliable
FttX systems on the globe.


The very best systems. The very best connectivity. From local exchange points to the front door. From the smallest fibers and tubes to PoPs. Microfocus goes beyond fiber. Far beyond.

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