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unrolling a sustainable future

Big impact, small footprint

We recognize that all our stakeholders become increasingly aware of our actions on our people, communities and the natural environment. We are proud to take this mindset shift seriously and are explicitly committed to implementing a long-term ESG sustainability strategy – to optimize our environmental footprint, but also to be able to tackle all future challenges. We put sustainability not only in an environmental sense but also in a social sense at the heart of our business strategy. It is about finding a constant balance between people, the environment and the economy for the entire Amadys. We are committed to working together with our suppliers and customers on this important task. Sustainability will be at the heart of our business and one of the key levers for our continued success: our win in ESG is a win for our entire company.

​Our ESG strategy is not limited to environmental and social issues, but also encompasses governance issues. We recognize that our employees and other stakeholders may face obstacles, difficult decisions and ethical dilemmas in working with us. We know that it takes courage to speak out. That’s why we have implemented an anonymous whistleblower system that allows our employees and suppliers to raise ethical concerns without fear of retaliation.

Download our full ESG report here

Amadys: fully circular in 2030

What has happened up to now
  • Plan for sustainable procurement
  • Core values, mission and brand
  • Sustainable logistics
  • Sustainable packaging
  • 25% CO2 reduction scope 3
  • ESG Implementation
  • 50% of waste recycled
  • 43% share of female employees
  • Corporate EcoVadis Gold rating
  • Low Risk EGS Rating 13.0
2025 ambitions
  • 25% CO2 Reduction Scope 1 and 2
  • Female board Member
  • Life Cycle Analyses
  • 100% renewable energy
  • 70% of waste recycled
  • Reduce total solid waste by 15%
  • 15% share of circular products
2030 ambitions
  • 20% female board members
  • 50% CO2 reduction Scope 1 and 2
  • 50% CO2 reduction Scope 3
  • 65% of company cars Electric
  • Water intensity reduction by 50%

our green
ambitions for today