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All materials above and below ground that are needed to get water, gas or electricity from a production unit to anyone’s home,


Delivery of a complete range of products, tools and materials for water companies creating a network for the distribution of drinking water, the management of wastewater and tailored products. Amadys employees specialized in water are local experts with a global reach. This way, they are always able to offer the most suitable solution.



The Amadys group is active at all levels of the gas distribution network. We supply both materials for the transport as well as for the storage of natural gas. The distribution to the house or business also belongs to the Amadys action area. Thanks to the launch of PLT (Pliable Tubing), the transport and installation of tubes is far more cost-efficient than before.



In the electricity industry, we offer products, tools and accessories for networks that transport and distribute electricity (low, medium and high voltage).