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Top-ranked: Amadys named second most sustainable company in the industry group “Traders & Distributors”

25 May 2023

Frechen/Germany, 22 May 2023. Amadys has received a score of 13.0 in the current ESG risk rating (Environmental, Social, Governance) of the internationally renowned provider Sustainalytics. In doing so the independent rating agency classifies the company with low ESG risk and recognises the end-to-end connectivity solutions provider commitment to sustainability. This outstanding result puts Amadys in second place out of 192 companies rated by Sustainalytics in the industry group “Traders and Distributors” and places it in the top six percent of more than 15,300 companies internationally.

As an active handler of digital transformation with future-proof and sustainable solutions for the successful  FttX expansion, Amadys is clearly aligning its corporate goal towards enabling a circular economy by 2030. The central aspect of this is the overarching long-term sustainability strategy in accordance with the ESG criteria: “We know that our stakeholders are becoming increasingly aware of how our actions affect our employees, partners and suppliers and the environment. We take this change in values seriously and place sustainability – in both the environmental and social sense – at the centre of our corporate actions. It is one of the key levers for continued success. That is why we are working to optimise our ecological footprint every day, in order to cope well with future challenges,” says Hein Wilderjans, CEO of Amadys. In March Amadys had already celebrated winning the gold medal in its first audit in the EcoVadis sustainability ranking.

Making ESG risks transparent
The ESG risk rating is calculated from the assessment of the ESG risk exposure and the corresponding management. Amadys has a score of 33.8 (“Low”) in the area of ESG risk exposure and 67.6 (“Strong”) in the area of ESG risk management. The ESG risk rating also includes eleven other key ESG criteria – including corporate governance, emissions, effluents and waste, resource use or corporate ethics. Amadys achieved the best results in the category in the areas of “Business Ethics” and “Resource Use – Supply Chain”.

Shaping tomorrow” – Responsibility for sustainability
“Our partners, customers and suppliers are keen to work with companies that think sustainably. Our motto ‘Shaping tomorrow’ practically obliges us to do so,” says Patty van Broekhoven, Sustainability Manager at Amadys and continues: “Therefore, this first ESG risk rating for Amadys represents another very important milestone in our long-term overall sustainability strategy – especially in light of the fact that we are currently growing very strongly. The second place underlines the environmental and social ESG efforts we have made so far, in areas such as responsible corporate governance or sustainable resource use in the supply chain. This excellent result also gives us access to a wide range of new stakeholders. At the same time, the independent assessment is also a further incentive to consistently expand our sustainability efforts and to continuously minimise our carbon footprint – for example in the Scope 3 area of upstream and downstream transport or packaging material. To this end, we will work closely with our suppliers and partners.”

Amadys in the top six percent internationally
The Sustainalytics ESG Risk Rating provides clear insight into the ESG risk of companies. To do this, it assesses the extent of unmanaged ESG risks of organisations. The rating assesses the ESG performance of more than 15,300 companies worldwide on a scale from negligible to high risk. The Sustainalytics rating scale ranges from 0 to 40+. Amadys receives a rating of 13.0 for the 2022/2023 financial year, placing it in the “low” category.