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Fiberklaar relies on Amadys for superfast fiber network in Flanders

20 October 2021

Providing 1.5 million homes and businesses with fiber connectivity by 2028. That’s the ambitious goal that Fiberklaar has set for itself. To achieve this objective, the company signed a contract for the next 5 years with Amadys, leading system integrator of end-to-end connectivity solutions.

Fiberklaar is an open network operator that designs, builds and manages fiber networks in Flanders. Telecom providers can offer their services (telephony, Internet, digital TV, Cloud services, etc.) on it to residents and businesses.

A few weeks ago, Fiberklaar officially started rolling out its local fiber optic network with the symbolically ‘first spade in the ground’ in Geel. Fiberklaar’s ambition is to make an anchored investment of more than two and a half billion euros in order to provide Flanders with fiber. An investment comparable in size to the Oosterweel link.

“We aim for complete digital freedom for everyone in Flanders”, says Rik Missault, CEO of Fiberklaar. “People should be able to use all the possibilities of the web without technical obstacles and we will ensure this with our fiber optic network.”

To make all this happen, Fiberklaar recently signed a contract with end-to-end system integrator Amadys regarding the supply of all fiber optic network components for the next 5 years. This contains the fiber cable, ducts, handholes and modular building blocks, well designed in one certified end-to-end network. For Fiberklaar, the combination of a company with local presence and at the same time a large international network was the deciding factor to partner up with Amadys.

“We are very proud to become a leading Fiberklaar supplier for delivering fiber network solutions in Flanders”, says Hein Wilderjans, CEO of Amadys. “It means a lot to Amadys being able to contribute to surfing and streaming experiences at the speed of light and to ensure super stable home working conditions for people in Flanders. Since we will deliver all passive network materials from Point of Presence (POP) access houses up to the Fiber Termination Unit’s (FTU) in the customer’s home, all well engineered in one total end-to-end network, our role will be vital in bringing Fiber To The Home (FTTH).”

“Thanks to years of close collaboration in The Netherlands between open network provider DELTA Fiber Netwerk – part of EQT – and fiber experts Infraconcepts – a member of the Amadys Group – we have the in-house experience for a successful cooperation with Fiberklaar”, adds Philippe Wilderjans, Head of Telecom Belgium at Amadys. “Furthermore, our close local presence, market knowledge and broad market spread is guaranteeing the availability of materials and on-time delivery. For all passive network materials we are counting on Amadys Group member Crosswise, based in Sint-Job (Antwerp), Tecnolimit – another group member – will provide POP’s where needed.”

Amadys is fully available to support Fiberklaar in its ambition to provide fiber to 1.5 million homes and businesses by 2028.