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Amadys shows automated Microfocus EcoPoP at ANGA COM

25 May 2023

At ANGA COM 2023, Amadys will showcase its new innovative Microfocus EcoPoP to the trade audience: the Point of Presence is designed to be sustainable, operates self-sufficiently in terms of energy and integrates an automated patch robot inside. This way, the system integrator expands its already existing range of pre-assembled PoPs and at the same time takes into account its long-term ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) sustainability strategy to be completely circular by 2030. Just recently Amadys was top-ranked as second most sustainable company out of 192 in the industry group “Traders & Distributors” by the rating agency Sustainalystics. The leading provider of end-to-end connectivity solutions will be showcasing further sustainable solutions for fast and successful fibre roll-out at stand A50 in hall 8: Microfocus Ecoduct microducts made of recycled HDPE (high-density polyethylene) and a manhole made of recycled polycarbonate (PC).

PoPs (Point of Presence) with low-maintenance and low operating costs are crucial components to successfully drive broadband expansion in Germany. Amadys relies on a standardised plug-and-play system and continuously optimises its pre-assembled access points. With the new EcoPoP, the system integrator now presents a sustainable version with innovative technology: Amadys has installed solar modules on the sedum-covered roof of the EcoPoP in favour of biodiversity, which can be used to store solar energy and make the PoP self-sufficient. The system integrator also relies on state-of-the-art technology inside the PoP: it uses an automated patch robot, which remotely carries out customer connections and tests. This allows network operators to manage their PoPs independently of available personnel and power supply.

Environmentally friendly and future-proof
“We are very proud to be able to present our automated, self-sufficient and sustainable Microfocus EcoPoP at ANGA COM,” says Dion Bonné, Vice President Product Technology at Amadys. “Almost all applications require a manual step for every (re-)configuration. This is expensive, time-consuming, causes CO2 emissions and requires the availability of skilled technicians around the clock. The Microfocus Patch Robot provides a solution to all these problems.”

New products underpin ESG strategy
As an active handler of digital transformation with future-proof and sustainable solutions for the successful  FttX expansion, Amadys is clearly aligning its corporate goal towards enabling a circular economy by 2030. This is also shown by the current ESG risk rating of the internationally renowned provider Sustainalytics, where Amadys received a score of 13.0 and was classified as company with low ESG risk. This outstanding result puts Amadys in second place out of 192 companies rated by Sustainalytics in the industry group “Traders and Distributors” and places it in the top six percent of more than 15,300 companies internationally.
In that context the new Microfocus EcoPoP has to been seen as another important component of Amadys’ sustainability strategy in line with ESG criteria. The green energy generated via its solar panel is stored in a battery system, enabling both operation and efficient use of the energy. For this purpose, an intelligent system monitors, manages and controls the energy management of the installation. The surplus energy can be used to charge e-bikes or e-scooters at the electric charging stations installed by Amadys. “Whether promoting biodiversity with the help of sedum roofs or the use of renewable energy – the EcoPoP serves several areas of our ESG strategy at once,” explains Patty van Broekhoven, Sustainability Manager at Amadys. “In combination with the autonomous operation, we thus ensure an environmentally friendly network connection – and residents also benefit from this by being able to charge their electric transport at the PoPs.”

Ecoducts and sustainable manholes
Amadys is also expanding its sustainable product portfolio in other areas of its six Building Blocks: these include protective conduits from the Microfocus Ecoduct range. These microducts for FttX applications consist of single or multiple thick-walled microducts made of fully recycled HDPE (high-density polyethylene) with an outer diameter of 14 and an inner diameter of 10 millimetres. The Ecoducts with multiple micro-tubes have a thin bundle sheathing made of HDPE.
In the area of sustainable distribution points, Amadys offers a manhole: It is made of recycled polycarbonate (PC). The material used is 100 percent reprocessed from regrind and is completely recyclable at the end of the product life cycle.