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we are amadys

shaping tomorrow

Amadys is the market leader providing passive equipment solutions for the utilities sector: telecom, electricity, water & gas. We proactively co-develop ideas with our suppliers to respond to new market developments or specific customer needs. By thinking with our customers more than ever and anticipating future developments, we are shaping tomorrow, now.


connection between expertise and products.

At Amadys it’s our mission to connect. Our energy solutions are based on bringing utilities wherever they are needed. And our telecom services is all about uniting people in the fastest and best possible way.

Making connections is in the DNA of all our employees. We are a group of different entities, sharing expertise and knowledge with each other to become one strong company.

we make connections

Amadys is providing passive equipment solutions for telecom, electricity, water and gas in 12 European countries.


Are you looking for a partner to deliver fiber, copper and other materials needed for a FTTx roll-out? Amadys offers a complete package of products, trainings and services for all telecom needs.


Our energy offer? All materials above and below ground that are needed to get water, gas or electricity from a production unit to anyone’s home or business!





50.000 m²

warehouse space


years of experience

our strenghts

Taking full advantage of the power of combining different services and knowledge.